Physical Therapy Treatment Types

When there is something wrong with a certain part of the body, it gets treatment from a physical therapist. Physical therapists offer several different treatments that can aid individuals in regaining their mobility and reducing aches and pains. Let’s dive into some of the common methods physical therapists use to treat patients they see.

Manual Therapy

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Manual therapy is a common and convenient type of therapy that involves the physical therapist using their hands to make manual adjustments to the body. They will use different techniques to achieve the desired goal, which can be highly effective. This is actually the foundation of physical therapy austin professional practices, making it essential to know.


Exercise is another type of therapy that professionals use that many people consider overrated. Exercise, however, is ideal at dealing with many different injuries. It is used as a way to strengthen muscles after they have been injured and can also help with muscle imbalances as well as relief of pain. You can also get these benefits by exercising on your own, but you wouldn’t have a professional guiding you.


This is a bit different from what your doctor does. This technology applies sound waves to the body, promoting circulation of the blood and generating heat inside the connective tissues of the body. This can enhance other treatments and can also speed up the healing of ligaments. Speak with your physical therapist to see if this treatment is an option for you.

We’ve gone over three common types of physical therapy, but there are plenty more available. Visit your local physical therapist to find out what services they offer and how you can benefit from them. If you have an injury or are dealing with aches and pains, speak with a healthcare professional and find out what you should do to remedy your issue.