Dental Cosmetics Not Just About Looking Good

This is perhaps where a lot of people get this wrong. But for the time being, they can be forgiven for thinking that those smart folks who go in for regular cosmetic dentistry hawthorne treatment are entertaining themselves on yet another vanity project. Because of course, it is really nothing of the kind. Yes, of course, it does make them feel good most of the time. Because who wouldn’t be smiling if they had lovely white teeth like that?

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But did you not know that having milky white teeth is a reflection of being in good health. It means that you have been eating healthily. You are not consuming processed foods, or junk food that would do harm to your teeth and gums. Well, there will always be bacteria that could lead to tooth and gum decay at a much later stage of a person’s life. But that is beside the point. The picture of good health means too that you have not being overdoing it.

You go easy on your coffee habit. And you are not a smoker. Because no matter how much and well you brush and floss your teeth and gums, nicotine stains will always leave a residue that cannot readily be removed through regular brushing. If you want your teeth to stay healthy and white, you may as well give up smoking altogether. No harm in trying. And it is not only your dental health you should be concerned about.

It’s your personal wellbeing as well. Because, really now, non-smokers, and they are in the majority, cannot stand the odor. And nor do they like kissing an ashtray. Because that is what it feels like. Also note that cosmetic dentistry will also include teeth cleaning.